RJS Land Partnerships Ltd

Much more than a highly pro-active land agency

Based outside of Cambridge, RJS Land Partnerships is fundamentally much more than a highly pro-active land agency - RJS Land Partnerships is a mindset that creates transactions and engineer opportunities by understanding the investment and acquisition strategies of both developers and real estate investors across multiple sectors.

It is this mindset that build connections between landowners, developers and investors, and creates and identifies opportunities whether in securing acquisitions or in raising of capital for projects or developments. Our deep connections into the real estate fund investment market means enhances the transaction identification process that we bring to our developers.

We act primarily on behalf of the developer and asset buyer and between the project developer and the capital. Through this, we appreciate that capital drives the delivery of every opportunity and every opportunity needs to be shaped by the capital whether private or Institutional equity or real estate debt.

The large, vertically and horizontally integrated, network of developers, house builders, real estate funds and investment institutions has been deliberately created to form a connectivity web that is the knowledge behind RJS Land Partnerships.

We are based just outside of Cambridge and concentrate activities across the Oxbridge Arc and Eastern Counties, though of course our network of landowners, agents, developers and investors mean that we cover the whole of the UK.